How to sell with AB on the Internet?

Whether you already have an online store or just going to open it,

we have for you a range of solutions that will enable the integration of your business with the product offer and services of AB.

XML protocol

You already have an online shop? If so, we recommend you to implement a perfect solution, that is XML protocol. It enables online shops to download data from the central system of AB.

  • a list of currently available products,
  • products descriptions and parametric tables,
  • photos of products,
  • a tree structure of a product,
  • information about AB stocks,
  • a list of orders and information regarding the status of orders,
  • information on available payment terms,
  • a list of invoices,
  • e-invoices.
  • placing orders,
  • creating shipping addresses.

XML protocol is constantly being developed, and our trading partners have constant access to the update. We also provide full support from the IT department of our company.

If you would like to receive more information please contact us at xml@ab.pl.

Integration for other software stores

If you are the owner of online shop based on the popular platform sales PrestaShop, RedCart, Shoper and others we recommend you an innovative solution which allows fast and simple integration of your online shop with AB offer. In just a few clicks, you can move the selected categories of products from AB platform to your online shop.

Integration allows you not only to import the products quickly and easily, but also automatically update the prices of products, taking into account a fixed margin (this solution guarantees an immediate update of prices according to changes in the system of AB).

Integration is available in the cloud. Panel managing the related products is available from any computer connected to the Internet. There is no need to install additional software on your computer. Fast servers allow you to update prices and stocks of thousands of products in just a few minutes.

EDI Integration

AB also offers integration via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), which is the transfer of business transaction information between computer systems using standard, accepted message formats.

The advantages of EDI:
1. data exchange with minimum human intervention
2. immediate and errorless transfer of information between the systems users
3. not limited by differences in the software, used by trading partners in their enterprises.

cStore - a store software with AB's offer

Do you want to set up an online store? We propose to use the cStore software, which has advanced integration with AB. As one of the few, it allows you to sell both in the B2C and B2B models.

Find out more on this page.

We follow e-commerce trends and respond to the needs of our trading partners. We offer the latest and the best available solutions on the market.

Product demonstrations 360°

We know how important is an interesting and unusual presentation of the product on the Internet. On the basis of the professional high-quality images, we created more than 12,000 presentations 360° of products in AB offer. Number of presentations increases by almost 200 positions per week! AB partners can quickly and easily post selected presentations on their online shop.

Product presentations 360° appear on any device, regardless of operating system (PC, tablet, smartphone).


presentations currently available in our database.


new presentations being added each week.


Advanced products have a number of parameters important for consumers. Therefore, we have created a special parametric tables, containing all the necessary information about the product. Our partners can download the specifications free of charge and use them in their online shop, thus offering their customers products with a full description of the most important technical data.

Examples of descriptions can be found on our sales platform. Go to ABOnline.pl and log in to the demo version by typing in the fields login and password „demo”.


descriptions being added every week.

50 000

parameters being modified each month.